Frame Group | 31st of March, 2020

A guide to brand communications planning in light of Covid-19

We’ve been spending the last week working with our clients to flex and adapt campaigns as the situation evolves.

However, it doesn’t mean that communications should stop. Strategically sound, engaging, and creative communications – both internally and externally – will take on even greater importance in a time like this.

In the long term the more businesses are making money and employing staff the better it is for the whole economy. Marketing is what helps drive the demand behind the economy, so we will need new ideas for during and beyond the pandemic.

The way that we communicate these ideas will be so important in the months ahead. History has not been kind to those seen to be insensitive or too opportunistic in a crisis. Tone and type of messaging will be key as brands will be defined by how they conduct themselves.

It is our mission to provide even more value to our clients in the weeks and months ahead, so please lean on us and we will navigate these uncertain times together.

This guide is our initial thinking and advice on how best to plan brand communications in the coming weeks and months.

The change that’s been happening at speed has been unsettling and will continue to evolve. This guide hopefully brings some reassurance amidst the unpredictability. We’ve found a sense of calm in going back to basic principles and the things we are expert in - how to deliver brand communications that are relevant to people today.

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